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Frequently Asked Questions

Merchants and Suppliers


What type of quotes will they be.

They can be for a single item, or a quantity of a single item, or a basket of various items.
The variety will be controlled by the builder who is supplying the quote.
So the Quote could be for £5 or £50,000.


How much will it cost.

It is free to register.
Should you want to pick up a quote after you have registered it will cost you as little as £1 per Quote picked up. There will be no other charge.
You can either arrange an account and purchase a number of Quote vouchers or pay by Pay Pal as and when you use the system.


Why should I use

Builders Qwik Qwote will expose you to builders that you have not supplied before, giving you an opportunity to prove your service, develop communication links and to make a profit on every Quote you pick up should they be selected.


What about clients with accounts already.

Builders Qwik Qwote uses Post Code data which will allow each Supplier to check if the client that is placing the quote has an account so that you can use any account special rates agreed .


How do I know where the delivery is

The client will notify where the delivery is to be, based on a post code, if one does not exist then a note will be placed in the comments box with a nearest post code or address.


What if I have not got exactly what they want but something similar.

Each section has many different product ranges that offer a similar result. So in the comments box simply note what you have quoted for and reasons why. Many builders will understand as long as you have identified your reasons. However be aware of bricks, tiles, etc that a builder will want a specific make of.


What will happen if I need more information so I can quote more effectively.

Explain in the comments box this shows knowledge and my lead to other orders.


Builders and contractors


How much does it cost to get a quote response.

It is completely free to register and it is completely free to place a Quote.

In fact this service is free to all Builders Construction Companies and any DIYers that want to secure the best quote from the suppliers that are available and can deliver if required.


Can I identify a special item I want.

Yes you can, if you have a specific requirement simply identify it in the comments box and supply a photo if you can, to help the suppliers ensure they get the right item. For Bricks, tiles, slabs, pavers, blocks etc try to get the name of the maker, if you can and the type name this will help.