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It is generally accepted within the construction/building sector that pricing and availability for the same and or similar products varies tremendously.

Builders Qwik Qwote Ltd has been developed after various Builders/Construction companies of a small, medium and large size made it clear that one of their frustrations was the fact that they could not easily obtain quotes for materials from various Merchants and suppliers quickly and at the same time so that they could determine the differences between them and select the most appropriate one for their needs.

Equally product availability was also seen as a vital constituent with Builders/Construction companies of all sizes. Builders Qwik Qwote is designed to be able to show builders where their requested products are through the response of Merchants and suppliers to their Quote requests and how available they are to be delivered to their various building and construction sites.

Builders Qwik Qwote's aim is to provide the most cost effective quote which means the best price,  the materials are available and that they can be delivered when the builder wants them , thus avoiding paying employees to do nothing and avoiding any penalty clauses driven by failure to supply thus breaking contract obligations.

Builders and Construction companies also manage and develop projects all around the UK . Builders Qwik Qwote will be able to link them into local suppliers for their projects.

Builders Qwik Qwote has been developed using Post Code geography any Merchant or supplier can identify a radius around their site where they can deliver appropriately or the Builder/Construction company can pick up their requested items.