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Builders Qwik Qwote Ltd are an independently owned business with no links to any Merchants Suppliers or Builders/Construction Companies.

We are also not linked to any overseas companies of the above type.

Given the feedback we have had from both Builders/Construction companies and Building Merchants and Suppliers, we determined that we both could and would develop an easy solution that would benefit all concerned.

The Builders/Construction Companies benefit by being exposed to all of the different types of Businesses that can satisfy their needs allowing them to select the best supplier for them which incorporates time, availability and the overall cost.

The Merchants and Suppliers will get the opportunity to Quote for business they may not already be exposed to or in an area that the Builders have moved into based on their contracts.

Company No 10750207

VAT No 273669856

Registered Address.

11 Portland Road, Birmingham, West Midlands, B16 9HN.